Do you want to be best in sewing? Here are the tips for you

Everyone wants to wear the best dress among the various dresses. Because their dress shows their confident, creativity and lifestyle, etc. Every dress can be created after several processes and sewing is one of the processes being used at the time of dress preparation. Sewing is nothing but connecting two different types of clothes with the help of needles and threads. Sewing process can be done in two different ways. One is by hand method and another is by sewing machine. In that, most of the people use hand method to provide the best design and this design attracts even the foreign people also. Some people do this sewing process as their hobby and it will improve their way of thinking, innovative solutions and reduce their stress. It is used to decorate the clothes by using cross stitches, embroidery designs and it will give a permanent payment to the people who are interested in sewing.

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Why people like this sewing?

Joy via creativity: Now-a-days different types of clothes materials available for the minimum amount and the people expected to show their feelings through their dresses. These clothes contain different embroidery designs, different colors and thread designs. If you buy some of the grand items of dress, you can see more types of sewing designs. It contains various works like cutting, threading and some of the creative works which are created by using paints, various colors of threads and various stitching design. It will give more innovative thinking to the people and provide relaxation to them.

Joy via community and appreciation: The persons who are interested in sewing then they will spend more time for the preparation of single cloth. This hard-working makes them tired but the appreciation to that work will reduce the pain and tension for that workings. And these designs also allow the people to connect with modern community and they can get the happiness of satisfying the requirements of the society.

Tips to get the better sewing:

Sewing work attracts the person who is interested to buy different types of clothes. To attract that people, the sewing technicians use variety of tips. Some of them are,

Reduce the seam allowance: In commercial works, seam allowance will be 5/8” but if you use 3/8” allowance, then the edge cutting and setting the sleeves will be very easy.

Select the best pins: Pins take an important place in all stitching design. It determines the layout of sew, so you must select the best pins for sewing. When you working in this machine, you have to hold the clothes in your left hand, if you hold the both fabrics in your right hand then it will cause pain to you while stitching.

Sew your knits with serger: Serger will make the sewing process very easy. You have to use ball point pen, zigzag stitch and they can make stretch to the fabrics. If you use sew machine, then it will make your work easy.



Sewing takes an important place in all types of stitching process. You have to use the best machines and tips for sew, because it will determine the entire beauty of the cloth. So use better tips and improve your sewing output.

Best pins for perfect finishing in sewing

Important function of pins

Every light weight thing needs some of the weighted objects to hold on it and also maintain the perfect finishing until it was removed from that place by someone. The mentality of the person was changed by the pins, so the light weight object is also used to manage the finishing of the things for a long time. Those are also used to maintain the finishing stage of the sewing machine, which was prepared for a long time period.

The simple way to use pin is pressing on the any other cloth objects or fabric items. The finishing stage has also to be maintained, because there are no more actions to be carried out after that, because are a goal stage. However, the pin is a light weight object, so it is very easy to handle and there are many colors of pins available in the market.

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Basic qualities of pins using in sewing machine

The sewing machine can be used different types of pins based on the stitching process of clothes and it is classified into six important and basic types also.

  • Glass head pins: most of the people use glass head pins, which available in the white color at each side of the pins. The size of the pin is 5mm and it has length 8 to 13. It is one of the metals, which have no bending and it is not flexible to use frequently by the user. The important factor of the glass head pin is not melting by the high temperature and it has high thickness quality.
  • Ball point pins: this kind of pins can be mainly used for the sewing machine that only used to stitch the jersey fabrics in which there is no necessity for cut the threads in between the stitching process. The length of the pin is varied from 11 to 16 and size of the metal used for preparing that kind of pin is 5mm, so it is perfect for stitching the sweaters.
  • Silk pins: some of the pins have a unique feature like it come back where it was started to stitching, but the silk pin does not have the bouncing capacity. The shape of the silk pin is full plain and it has no color balls at the end of the pins. These types of pins are also called as dressmaking pin and it is suitable to use for the silk products.
  • Quilting pins: it is used for the clothes which has one or more layers and became very difficult to stitch, so it has a higher length than other pins to manage many layers at the same time. It was manufactured in many colors, but default color is dark yellow and it has length 13, size 7mm and it has been developed with the help of stainless steels.
  • Plastic head pins: it attracts all the users, because of its shape in which the pin has heart ball at the each side in plastic. It was mostly used for the traditional works, art and craft works.
  • T pins: the length of this pin is 11, which were used to hold the fabrics on it and also needs pressing to hold the clothes.

Therefore, you have to choose the good pin based on the type of your cloth, sewing machine and also the type of work to be done.

Make gorgeous dresses by using the best needles in the sewing machine

Things to be needed for perfect stitching

People mostly concentrate to attract someone by their costumes, behavior, and habits, which are showing their character in a single minute. One second is enough to judge a person’s character based on those things that establish their entire lifestyle. So, dressing is the important feature to attract someone in the modern world and the dressing sense is also changed a lot and more. There is increased in dress types and variety of dresses are available in the market for both men and women.

Now, the people are living in the fast world so they need dress, but they have no time to stitch the dress materials; all are buying only the ready-made, but that is not giving a perfect finish for the person. The person gets satisfaction only when they buy a material and then given that into the tailor or fashion designer to stitch the dress based on the user convenient. Even though the person buys the ready-made, but there must need some alteration in that so the better way to choose the materials and stitch that dress by your own convenience.

Characteristics of best needles using in sewing machine

Many years ago, the stitching of dresses can be done by only the human with the help of needle, thread, clothes and sewing shears. And the important thing is measuring tape, which is used to measure the size of the person then the tailor can use different colors of threads for making an attractive look for the dresses. This stitching process was developed and now there is a machine invented for stitching clothes called as sewing machine which includes the needle, thread, and sewing shears in it. Choose a needle is deciding the structure and perfectness of the clothes, because it gives a way to thread to stitch that dress.

  • The size of the needle is a basic character that must be suitable for the sewing machine. In the market, 6 to 8 size needles are available and more over up to 15 sizes also manufactured. The best needle size is depending up on the sewing machine; otherwise it is not perfect to stitch the dresses.
  • Dimension of the needle is the second important factor, which decides by the sewing machine, stitching type, length of the blade used in the needle, thickness and needle eye in which the thread will be inserted.
  • Choose the needle without bending and check all the parts of the machine will be connected to that before start stitching.
  • The needle must have enough space to insert the thread into that, so it is very important to check whether all the parts are good or not.

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The best needle has the perfect size and all the remaining parts are well defined. The senior designers give a general advice like use only the size 8 needles at the starting stage, because it can be handled easily. The new upcoming products are invented by many of the new creators, so the sewing machines also get developed. Now, the sewing machines are manufactured by the electric motors, which are increasing the stitching speed of the machine. At the same time, the needles used in that new machine are also changed, so use perfect needle for the correct machine and increasing the dress quality.