Best pins for perfect finishing in sewing

Important function of pins

Every light weight thing needs some of the weighted objects to hold on it and also maintain the perfect finishing until it was removed from that place by someone. The mentality of the person was changed by the pins, so the light weight object is also used to manage the finishing of the things for a long time. Those are also used to maintain the finishing stage of the sewing machine, which was prepared for a long time period.

The simple way to use pin is pressing on the any other cloth objects or fabric items. The finishing stage has also to be maintained, because there are no more actions to be carried out after that, because are a goal stage. However, the pin is a light weight object, so it is very easy to handle and there are many colors of pins available in the market.

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Basic qualities of pins using in sewing machine

The sewing machine can be used different types of pins based on the stitching process of clothes and it is classified into six important and basic types also.

  • Glass head pins: most of the people use glass head pins, which available in the white color at each side of the pins. The size of the pin is 5mm and it has length 8 to 13. It is one of the metals, which have no bending and it is not flexible to use frequently by the user. The important factor of the glass head pin is not melting by the high temperature and it has high thickness quality.
  • Ball point pins: this kind of pins can be mainly used for the sewing machine that only used to stitch the jersey fabrics in which there is no necessity for cut the threads in between the stitching process. The length of the pin is varied from 11 to 16 and size of the metal used for preparing that kind of pin is 5mm, so it is perfect for stitching the sweaters.
  • Silk pins: some of the pins have a unique feature like it come back where it was started to stitching, but the silk pin does not have the bouncing capacity. The shape of the silk pin is full plain and it has no color balls at the end of the pins. These types of pins are also called as dressmaking pin and it is suitable to use for the silk products.
  • Quilting pins: it is used for the clothes which has one or more layers and became very difficult to stitch, so it has a higher length than other pins to manage many layers at the same time. It was manufactured in many colors, but default color is dark yellow and it has length 13, size 7mm and it has been developed with the help of stainless steels.
  • Plastic head pins: it attracts all the users, because of its shape in which the pin has heart ball at the each side in plastic. It was mostly used for the traditional works, art and craft works.
  • T pins: the length of this pin is 11, which were used to hold the fabrics on it and also needs pressing to hold the clothes.

Therefore, you have to choose the good pin based on the type of your cloth, sewing machine and also the type of work to be done.

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