How to Choose the Best Cotton for Sewing?

Sewing is the process of stitching the cloths for making any new dresses in a beautiful manner. The sewing machine will produce a wonderful dress, when you are using the best cotton in the sewing machine for your stitching process. The cotton will make everything in your wearing clothes such as design, size and shape to your dress and etc. sometimes these cottons are used in an embroidering process on the dresses, which give the natural beautiful look for your dresses. The threads are a most important thing in sewing, so you can make the special concentration for selecting threads.

Tips for Selecting Threads:

The following tips are very useful to you for choosing the right threads for sewing:

  • You can select the thread according to your fabric type, because heavy weight fabric needs different types of threads compared to light weight cotton fabric.
  • Choosing the threads based on your stitching type, because you have already got some idea to make these types of stitches.
  • Some sewing machines are only supporting the particular type of threads like thinner threads or general purpose threads, so you must consider your machine type.

For sewing, different types of threads are available such as silk thread, linen thread, viscose thread, cotton thread, nylon thread, elastic thread, polyester thread, cone thread and all purposed threads, etc. For choosing sewing threads, you can follow the below steps that are,

  • First, you have to identify which type of sewing you are planning to do.
  • Try to know about different type of sewing threads.
  • Then consider the quality of those sewing threads.
  • Next, select the sewing threading with right color or which color you want.
  • For doing some sewing pattern or anything you must consult the sewing instructions.
  • Finally buy the good and best sewing threads.

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Types of Cotton Threads for Sewing:

Cotton is one of the choices in thread and has been used in many places according to its specialties. The cotton threads are very soft that has durability, flexibility and they have endless different colors. These cottons are used in different type of tasks and different purpose in sewing by using it specialties. It was stronger than normal threads and the cottons are mainly used to make dresses or any useful clothes. There are different types available in cotton sewing threads such as,

  • Mercerized Cotton Thread
  • Glazed Cotton Thread
  • Gassed Cotton Thread
  • Cotton-Wrapped Polyester Thread.

The Mercerized cotton threads can hold the color for a long time; because it performs mercerization process which means dip the thread into the chemicals like hydroxide and acids. Glazed Thread is a Mercerized Cotton Thread that has been treated with different chemicals and it performs glazing process to give the strength to the thread. Gassed Cotton Thread is also a mercerized thread that has been exposed to a hot gas flame. It can be removed the fuzz and excess lint in the thread. Cotton-Wrapped Polyester Thread is called as all purpose thread, because it can be used in any sewing process.

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